Friday, April 22, 2011

Imperial jenniP

beastyRockstar has shot jenniP wearing the Imperial Pasties.
© all photos by beastyRockstar
Model: jenniP
Shooter: beastyRockstar
Latex: zitronenröllchen
Imperial Emblem: (c) Lucasfilm Ltd.

Update: fixed image links (sorry).

Victorian Babe Lingerie

So, here are some quick shots of the new Victorian Babe set of latex underwear.

The garments are made of 0.35mm baby pink latex with a 0.35mm white trim that was cut with a victorian rotary blade.

I also added two white bows and an adjustable neck holder to the bra.

You certainly notice that the cup size of the bra does not really match the mannequin's one. Btw, I am looking for a model in the Rhine-Main-Area (see my Modelmayhem page for further details).

The pattern can be found on the pattern page (look for "Purple Undies (Panties and Bra)").

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Victorian Babe Blade

This is a preview of my new set of latex underwear. The panties are made of 0.35mm baby pink latex with a trim cut from 0.35mm white latex (all 4D in case you wonder).

The trim is cut with a victorian rotary blade. I used a 45mm blade like this one from fiskars for the inner edge.

I really love this pattern and the decent look it creates.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Imperial Pasties

These pasties are made from 0.35mm white and black latex.

The interesting part was the creation of the pattern of the pasties as I had to transform the imperial emblem into the surface of a cylinder (aka pacman).

The imperial emblem is a regular hexagon, so I cut the emblem into 12 pieces and removed 3-4 degrees from each to create the final pattern.

I transfered that pattern to the white latex and cut it with my scissors, glued the white onto the black latex and cut the outline leaving a small overlap for glueing the pasties.

Here is the pattern for the pasties: [SVG] [PDF]

[Copyright note: the imperial emblem is (c) Lucasfilm, Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended. The use of the emblem in this post is only for sake of education and scholarly analysis. I will not sell any items containing copyrighted material from Lucasfilm or others. If Lucasfilm will ask me to remove this post and all images showing the imperial emblem, I will do so immediately.]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bubblegum Polka revisited

Here are some close shots of the Bubblegum Polka set
that Erika Tschirhart is wearing on the photos posted here and here.

The pattern used for this set of underwear is a modification (mainly of size) of the Hello Kitty panties and the Ruffle Bra.

I used 0.35mm white latex for the garments and a thinner 0.18mm black latex for the ruffles and the trim. The trim is cut using a wave form rotary cutter.

The polka dots are hand cut from 0.35mm bubblegum latex.

I also made a neckband in the same style saying "Do you still love me?" that never made it onto the pictures of Erika. And yes, all letters are hand cut and glued to the neckband with patience and love ;-)

Oh Boy!

At first I have to apologize for the bad quality of the image. I don't have a male model (neither mannequin nor human) available at the moment, but I hope I can add a customer action shoot later.

These shorts are cut from 0.35mm light blue latex with a trim of 0.35mm white latex.

The shorts are made of 5 pieces (besides the trim): 2 side parts (glued together on the back), 2 ballbag parts and a small trapezoid crotch piece.

The pattern is available for download (SVG and PDF) on the pattern page.