Monday, May 23, 2011

Making Small Latex Roses

I have a couple of latex circles as leftovers from making ruffles. Time to convert them into some little latex roses.

1. The circles are cut out from 0.35mm bubblegum latex with an outer diameter of 8cm. I cut out a second circle in the middle of the larger one with a diameter of 4.5cm. This leaves a ring of latex ca. 1.7cm wide (top left).

2. I cleaned both sides with latex cleaner and applied latex milk to both the inner and outer edge of the front and back side. I also cut the ring into two halves for two roses (top right).

3. The next step looks tricky but isn't. I glued the outer circumference onto the inner one to create a ca. 8mm wide strip like the one on the picture (bottom left).

4. I rolled this irregular strip from one end to the other (bottom right).

5. The folded side of the rolled strip now looks similar to a little rose. I applied additional latex milk to the loose end and glued it in a way that the fold goes down to the bottom of the rose (top left).

6. I cut out little leaves from 0.35mm jade green latex (bottom left).

7. Finally I glued the leaves to the bottom of the roses (right).

I would like to see other types of latex flowers. So please send me photos and/or instructions of your creations.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Strawberry Fields Explained

A couple of people asked me for some details about the "Strawberry Fields" underwear worn by Miss Tschirhart.

I used 0.35mm 4D latex in the colors scarlet red and jade green for this creation.

The ruffles are made from small circles (outer diameter 12cm, inner diameter 8cm) with the outer edge cut with a small wave form rotary cutter.

The trimming is cut with a large wave form cutter.

All hearts are cut by hand. Four bows are glued to the panties and two to the top.

The top also has two hidden loops (behind the bows) where an optional neck holder can be attached.

The pattern can be found on the pattern page.

Miss Tschirhart in "Strawberry Fields by zitronenröllchen"

Isaac Suttell shot Erika Tschirhart in a really cute creation of mine called "Strawberry Fields". Here are some photos, I hope you like them as much as I do.

© all photos by Isaac Suttell
model :: Erika Tschirhart
photographer :: Isaac Suttell
hair and makeup artist :: Taryn Piana