Sunday, October 3, 2010

Polka Dot Zipper Panties

I created these panties from white latex and attached an invisible zipper, black polka dots, black ruffles and some bubblegum trims.

Pattern download


  1. For the panties I cut out a front and two identical (mirrored) back parts from asheet of 0.35mm white latex. The back seam has a concave form to allow the curve along bottom and crotch.
  2. I soaked the tape of the 22cm long white invisible zipper with transparent liquid latex (latex does not stick to anything but itself). Latex milk will also do. To avoid a stained look when the zipper is applied to the latex, I soaked it from the front side first, and then (after drying) again from the back. The texture of the zipper tape will still be visible when glued (at least through thinner latex), so avoid any irregularities and do not soak the zipper's teeth. Latex Kitty has a tutorial on glueing zippers.
  3. Then I glued both back parts to the zipper tape and reinforced its back with two small latex strips (a little wider than the tape). I also closed the upper part of the back seam above the zipper with a strip of white latex.
  4. After the zipper was attached and reinforced, I glued both side seams, but not the crotch to front seam.
  5. For the polka dots I cut out about 20 black latex circles of about 3.5cm diameter, cleaned them (and the panties), applied the glue (only to the backside of the circles, not to the panties) and attached them. Finally I cut away overlapping circle parts.
  6. For the ruffles I cut out 8 rings of black latex with an inner diameter of 8cm and an outer diameter of 12cm. This gives 2cm wide rings for 2cm wide ruffles that can be glued (after cutting open) to the outer rim of the panties. Again Latex Kitty has a tutorial on making ruffles.
  7. I attached a 5mm wide bubblegum trim and two small bows along the ruffle seams
  8. Finally I glued the crotch to the front part (from behind). 

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  1. These two back parts are really confusing. Do you have any other explanation? :)