Monday, October 31, 2011

Making Of Proud Plum Shooting

Here is the official "making of" video to thanks all of you for voting Victoria van Violence wearing zitronenröllchen into the Tattoo-and-more Calendar 2012.

Friday, October 14, 2011

First preview pictures of Victoria in Proud Plum

Here are the first previews of Victoria van Violence in the "Proud Plum" dress. The photos were shot by JeyOh! Photography in the Coffea Bar in Darmstadt (best place for coffee in town). Expect more pictures next week.

All photos are (c) JeyOh! Photography

Model: Victoria van Violence
Male Model: tom
Photographer: JeyOh!
MUA: Nicole/Archiv #4
Latex: zitronenröllchen

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proud Plum

Proud Plum is latex dress made for a photo session with the upcoming shooting star Victoria van Violence, a beautiful and talented model from Frankfurt/Germany.

The dress is solely made from 0.35mm plum colored latex. The two front parts overlap over the chest and close behind the neck with the help of a couple of snap fasteners. A zipper is assembled on the back to help dressing.

The front parts form a beautiful bust and give some insight between (You will know what I mean, when I 'll show you some pictures within the next days).

You can find a basic pattern file (PDF and SVG) to download on the pattern page.

When working with this pattern, take care to adjust the length of all parts to your needs (they are not aligned in the pattern file). Proud Plum is a little bit shorter on the front than on the back. Also take the width of the ruffles (cut from 5cm wide latex rings) into account.

I added small victorian cut trimmings to most of the seams (see on second image) and edges.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cruel Cobald China

This creation took quite some time to finish.

Cruel Cobal China is based on an idea by JeyOh Photography to transfer the patterns of the widely known Blue Onion Porcelain (the German name is "Zwiebelmuster") to a set of latex undies.

The basic ornaments are always similar and represent a couple of Chinese flowers and fruits with individual meanings. Here's a brief history of the design in case you are interested.

I extracted the patterns from a photo and vectorized them using inkscape (find the SVG and PDF on the pattern page). Then I transfered the patterns (or parts of them) to adhesive labels, stuck them onto 0,35mm blue latex and cut them out using my small scissors. The pieces then were glued to the panties made from 0,35mm white latex.

I also attached a shell cut trimming along the edge to finish the look.

We are currently looking for models to shoot this design.