Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make your own Imperial Pasties

Here are the instruction for making your own Imperial Pasties:

1. Get the pattern from here: [SVG] [PDF] (The imperial emblem is a regular hexagon, so I cut the original emblem into 12 pieces and removed 3-4 degrees from each to create the final pattern.).

2. Print the pattern onto paper (see step 4) and also onto a self-adhesive label. Adhere the label onto a piece of 0.35mm white latex (top left).

3. Cut the emblem along the outline using a cutter or scissors (top right). Be patient and precise ;-)

4. When finished cutting (bottom left) attach the label side of the emblem to the paper print using some paper glue. This avoids shifting when the emblem is glued to the black latex (bottom right). Note: The imperial emblem  is symetric, so the paper print does not need to be mirrored.

5. Glue the latex side of the emblem onto a piece of 0.35mm black latex (top).

6. Cut along the outer edge leaving a small black border of 1-2mm (bottom left).

7. Finally cut from the center of the emblem along one edge of the white part and glue the overlapping black behind the emblem to create the cone form.

8. Wash, oil and enjoy the finished pasties (bottom right).

When you are done, send a photo of your pasties to so we can show our tribute to the dark side. Go MacKenzie!

Here are some action shots.

[Copyright note: the imperial emblem is (c) Lucasfilm, Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended. The use of the emblem in this post is only for sake of education and scholarly analysis. I will not sell any items containing copyrighted material from Lucasfilm or others. If Lucasfilm will ask me to remove this post and all images showing the imperial emblem, I will do so immediately.]

Thursday, July 14, 2011