Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bubblegum Combination and Pirate Skirt

I have been busy lately with some non-latex business, but I also finished a made-to-measure set of bubblegum lingerie: panties, bra and a pirate mini skirt.

The panties are basically another variant of the Polka Dot Zipper Panties, made of 0.35mm bubblegum latex with ruffles made of 0.25mm thick black latex rings.

[side note: the problem with Monique is that her mannequin body is not responsive to the soft and shaping tension of the latex garment, a real rubbergirl would benefit from. I hope, I can show you some live shots later.]

The bra is made of the same material with 10mm wide and 0.6mm thick latex shoulder straps. To allow the adjustment of the shoulder straps I added black plastic rings and sliders to the back.

The pattern files for both panties and bra can be found on my pattern page.

The pirate mini skirt is an additional garment that can be worn on top of the panties. On the photo you can still see a small band of the bubblegum latex and the panties' ruffles.

The skirt itself is made of a 40mm wide band of 0.25mm black latex with long ruffles made of the same material. The ruffles are created from two circles. The inner diameter of these circles is about 13cm (circumference of skirt divided by 2 times π) and the outer is about 40cm (inner diameter plus 2 times the desired length).

I also attached a small skull and bones applique cut from 0.35mm white latex (I found the same skull and bones theme on a lot of different web sites without any information on copyright. I hope I did not infringe the authors rights.).

I have also uploaded the mini skirt pattern to the pattern page.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Erotronics: Wiring Latex Garments

Consider the following idea: you want to attach a vibrating motor (e.g. from a cell phone) to a sensible area of a latex garment. You also want to attach a small battery and a magnetic switch (reed contact) to a different (less sensible) area. The installation needs some wires to work.

To solve the problem of glueing the wires without losing the ability to stretch (or break the wires), I took two strands of a very thin (0.1mm diameter) varnished copper wire and a piece of 5mm wide thin but strong card board. I wrapped the copper wire around the card board in narrow windings,  removed the card board carefully and stretched the wire spiral a little bit.

Then I glued the wire spiral (it's rather flat) between two 10mm wide layers of 0.15mm transparent latex (so you can see the wires). The cable strip is very elastic and can be glued along the seam of the garment.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Polka Dot Zipper Panties

I created these panties from white latex and attached an invisible zipper, black polka dots, black ruffles and some bubblegum trims.

Pattern download


  1. For the panties I cut out a front and two identical (mirrored) back parts from asheet of 0.35mm white latex. The back seam has a concave form to allow the curve along bottom and crotch.
  2. I soaked the tape of the 22cm long white invisible zipper with transparent liquid latex (latex does not stick to anything but itself). Latex milk will also do. To avoid a stained look when the zipper is applied to the latex, I soaked it from the front side first, and then (after drying) again from the back. The texture of the zipper tape will still be visible when glued (at least through thinner latex), so avoid any irregularities and do not soak the zipper's teeth. Latex Kitty has a tutorial on glueing zippers.
  3. Then I glued both back parts to the zipper tape and reinforced its back with two small latex strips (a little wider than the tape). I also closed the upper part of the back seam above the zipper with a strip of white latex.
  4. After the zipper was attached and reinforced, I glued both side seams, but not the crotch to front seam.
  5. For the polka dots I cut out about 20 black latex circles of about 3.5cm diameter, cleaned them (and the panties), applied the glue (only to the backside of the circles, not to the panties) and attached them. Finally I cut away overlapping circle parts.
  6. For the ruffles I cut out 8 rings of black latex with an inner diameter of 8cm and an outer diameter of 12cm. This gives 2cm wide rings for 2cm wide ruffles that can be glued (after cutting open) to the outer rim of the panties. Again Latex Kitty has a tutorial on making ruffles.
  7. I attached a 5mm wide bubblegum trim and two small bows along the ruffle seams
  8. Finally I glued the crotch to the front part (from behind). 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lace Experiments

I was really excited when I found a black polka dot net lace in my local drapery. It reminded me to some  impressive designs by Atsuko Kudo and to the task of integrating net lace into a custom creation.

While soaking the edge of some lace applique with liquid latex and glueing it to a latex garment is not a big challenge, I wanted to take a sheet of transparent latex and glue the lace behind it, so one can see the lace texture through the latex.

I cleaned the backside of two 0.25mm transparent latex pieces, put the net lace on top and soaked the lace with transparent liquid latex (top left).

On the top right is the result for a sheet of smokey latex. The dots and lace structure is barely visible.

The other example (bottom left) uses a piece of transparent pink latex that has a much better transparency.

For a final experiment (bottom right) I worked without a piece of latex and put the net lace directly on a glass surface and soaked it with liquid latex. When dry the backside has a smooth surface and the testing piece is thinner than in the previous examples.

While the results of these experiments are generally quite satisfying, two problems remain: the "laced" latex loses nearly all its ability to stretch and the "laced" side - where you still feel the lace texture - is not really comfortable on the skin. So this technique is best used sparely.

Do you know a better way to achieve similar results?