Monday, October 18, 2010

Erotronics: Wiring Latex Garments

Consider the following idea: you want to attach a vibrating motor (e.g. from a cell phone) to a sensible area of a latex garment. You also want to attach a small battery and a magnetic switch (reed contact) to a different (less sensible) area. The installation needs some wires to work.

To solve the problem of glueing the wires without losing the ability to stretch (or break the wires), I took two strands of a very thin (0.1mm diameter) varnished copper wire and a piece of 5mm wide thin but strong card board. I wrapped the copper wire around the card board in narrow windings,  removed the card board carefully and stretched the wire spiral a little bit.

Then I glued the wire spiral (it's rather flat) between two 10mm wide layers of 0.15mm transparent latex (so you can see the wires). The cable strip is very elastic and can be glued along the seam of the garment.


  1. Brilliant hack.

    I may have to use this with a slight change.
    The mag wire will fail quickly after only a short number of repetitions. something like conductive thread or silicone jacket multi-core would last better.

  2. @Carl: good point. I will stress test my construction and investigate into conductive threads. Thanks.