Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Home

Have you seen our new and shiny homepage? Go, take the time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

"Hotsy Totsy" Mosh

Mosh is riding a tricycle in zitronenröllchen latex underwear "strawberry fields".

More to come.....

Photo: Rodney Mickle

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower Power

The regular reader of this blog will know my passion for latex flowers like these roses.

For my latest design I created a couple of larger roses and here is how I did:

1. The basic material for my latex rose is a 60cm long strip of latex that is about 3cm wide at one end and 5cm at the other. The 3cm end will be the center of the rose.

I used 0.35mm latex of metallic honey color. A bit translucent and very tasty.

2. Apply glue to both long edges of the strip (on the backside) and glue them together.

3. Now clean and glue both edges on the frontside. As you need to turn the strip to apply the glue on both sides use some cling film to protect the glue

4. Start at the narrow end rolling the strip into a flower. Overlap the latex to give the flower form.

5. Add some additional glue (or liquid latex) to the bottom of the rose.

Ask, if you have questions. Make your own flowers and show them. Can't wait to see them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss Kiddekat

rogueFIVEphoto shot Miss Kiddekat wearing zitronenröllchen latex bra and polka dots skirt

© rogueFIVEphoto

Photo: rogueFIVEphoto
Model: Miss Kiddekat
Latex: zitronenröllchen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making Small Latex Bows

This tutorial shows how I make small latex bows from 5mm wide stripes of bubblegum latex (0.35mm):

1. The piece of latex for the bow is 40mm long and 5mm wide. Clean and attach glue to both ends and the center area.

2. Flip one end to the middle with the help of a ruler or grid.

3. Flip the other end to the middle and use some talcum to avoid any unwanted sticking.

4. Take another strip and attach glue. Also attach glue to the center of the bow. Attach the end of the strip as seen on the photo.

5. Wrap the strip around the bow to give the bow the desired form. Cut the strip.

6. This is how the bows should look now

7. Take another two strips of length 30mm each and attach glue to one end (one front, one back)

8. Glue the both stripes together at the desired angle. I prefer ca. 60 degress.

9. Attach glue to the back of the bow and the stripes just glued together.

10. Glue the bow to the stripes and cut away the parts above the bow. Also cut the lower stripes to the desired form and length.

11. The finished bows.

There is also another tutorial on larger bows.

Please let me know, if my instructions work for you. And, let me see some pictures of your bows.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Victorian Babe Elegy Ellem

Elegy Ellem is wearing zitronenröllchen latex underwear "Victorian Babe".

The photos are shot by Aerynn for an international book project on "Fetish Fashion" that will feature zitronenröllchen.

© Aerynn

Model: Elegy Ellem
Photo: Aerynn
Hair/MUA: Terri Capon
Hat: Apatico

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1'o'3 Lions Bathing Suit

At least I can keep one promise. I still don't have any pictures to show from the 1'o'3 Lions xmas shooting and I'm really sorry about that. But here is the promised variant, a bathing suit.

And here's rogueFIVE's casting call for it:

zitronenröllchen needs a model who will fit in this nice latex bathing suit. If you want to get this TFP/TFCD job and promote zitronenröllchen and yourself, send your application with a sample photo to: or get in touch via deviantart here or on zitronenröllchen's site or mine
Requirements: MUST fit into Size (EU) 34/36, max measurements are: Bust: 84 - 90, Waist: 55-65, Hips: 82 - 90 (no kidding - 90 is the MAX!). If you are into body art, please include all ink's/metal/implants which are VISIBLE when you would wear the suit. Hair & MUA will be on site, as well as two photographers. The location is something special and will be revealed, when you get the job (we promise, you will like it!)

Since we are based in Germany - it would be perfect if you are a) willing to travel (depending on the perfection of the fit, we are willing to pay you some expenses) or b) are located in Germany/Hassia (RheinMain-Area). The shooting will take place around April/May - depending on the local weather conditions (Yeah - we know you are willing to take a lot of inconvenience for wearing this cute piece of latex - BUT we dislike to much frost!)

So… that's it basically for now! Get in contact as soon as you are impressed - haha - seriously - we are waiting for your application!

Monday, January 2, 2012

1'o'3 Lions

The idea behind this design is the use of one of the three English lions on a classic, clean and playful set of top and panties.

I cut the lion from 0.35mm red latex and attached it to the front of the panties. Panties and top were cut from 0.35mm white latex using a slightly modified "Strawberry Fields" pattern (look at the pattern page for it).

I also attached ruffles (from 30mm wide stripes) to the back of the panties and to the front of the top.

All edges of the set are finished with victorian blade cut trimmings.

I will show you some photos of Anna wearing this set within the next weeks.

I'm currently working on a one-piece variant. So stay tuned.