Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bubblegum Polka

This pencil skirt is another custom made to measure creation. I used a thinner (0.25mm) latex sheeting this time for the skirt and the ruffles.

The polka dots are hand-cut from 0.35mm white latex. I used the cone of an aerosol spray to draw about 40 circles and cut them out with my rotary cutter. To glue them onto the skirt I cleaned both the skirt and the circles, but applied the latex glue only to the backside of the circles.

I added a 5mm wide black trim to the bottom of the ruffles and a 5mm wide trim of bubblegum colored latex onto the seam of skirt and ruffles.

As an eye catcher I glued four little bubblegum bows to the trim. Latex Kitty has an excellent tutorial about making bows (and there is almost always some trim leftover).

For the waistband I used black elastic lace which I partly soaked with liquid black latex and glued it to the skirt with a 10mm wide bubblegum latex trim.

Bubblegum is a fantastic color, it reminds me of the bubble gum Hubba Bubba. I got the bubblegum latex from Heinz at Latexlabor in Frankfurt, in case you also want some.

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