Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pattern Download

I'm currently considering to upload all my patterns and include the download links here in the blog. I usually create my patterns on paper or plastic film and transfer them to SVG with Inkscape. A small script generates A4 tiles from that. These tiles can be printed on an ordinary printer and glued together.

Here are the pattern files for Almrausch Intermezzo:

What do you think? Is this useful? Shall I publish more of my patterns? Can you print them without problems? Please comment.


  1. Thanks a lot for your awesome posts!
    I'm a beginner with latex, and your info on this site are really helping me to learn more about latex.
    Today I'm going to make my first undies (your purple undies;-))
    I would like to know wich measurements you have choose for the uploaded patterns on this site?
    Please, let me know by mail if you want. My email is

    Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

    p.s I hope you understand what I'm writing to you, because my English isn't so good at all....

    1. I usually create sizes EU 34-36. The best approach for other sizes is: measure yourself and reduce the sizes by about 5-8% (for 0.35-0.40mm latex). So if your waist measures 90cm around, make your undies 83-85cm around the waist. I usually test new designs on (cheaper) black latex prototypes and make adjustments. Hope, this helps a bit. Please ask if you need further help.