Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lemongreen pencil skirt

This pencil skirt was created of 0.35mm lemongreen latex (from Blackstyle) with small 0.5mm wide contrasting edges of neon pink latex.  The skirt is made to measure for one of my customers.

For the creation I measured the circumferences of her body from the belly down to the knees (letting some room to allow walking) and divided each length by 4. Then I reduced the front seams by 5mm on each side at the hip and added that amount to the rear parts to give some extra space for the backside. These adjustments gave the skirt a perfect fit (you cannot see that on the photo, where the skirt is worn by Monique, not the customer).

For the flattering ruffles at the knees I cut out a ring of latex with an inner circumference approximately the same size as the the circumference of the lower end of the skirt (make it some centimeters larger if you need). The diameter of the outer edge is 10cm larger then that of the inner one. Remember: The circumference of a circle is the diameter multiplied with π (3.1415).

I cut the ruffle ring open and glued it to the skirt, adding the neon edges for contrast. Latex Kitty has a good tutorial for creating ruffles.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing Frida and Monique

I already told you that I would like to show you my creations worn by a handsome model because the impression of worn latex underwear is a lot better than that of bras and panties lying on my working table.

Fortunately this weekend Frida and Monique joined our team. We immediately started an improvisational photo session to get the girls comfortable with the material. More photos will follow soon.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Update: the Missing Bra

While the Hello Kitty panties are really cute when worn, they still missed a corresponding bra.

After the summer holidays I have found some time to create it using the same techniques I used for the panties, but I did not add another decal. That would have been too much cuteness.

I would like to see and show you some photos of the bra and panties worn together. Anybody?