Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower Power

The regular reader of this blog will know my passion for latex flowers like these roses.

For my latest design I created a couple of larger roses and here is how I did:

1. The basic material for my latex rose is a 60cm long strip of latex that is about 3cm wide at one end and 5cm at the other. The 3cm end will be the center of the rose.

I used 0.35mm latex of metallic honey color. A bit translucent and very tasty.

2. Apply glue to both long edges of the strip (on the backside) and glue them together.

3. Now clean and glue both edges on the frontside. As you need to turn the strip to apply the glue on both sides use some cling film to protect the glue

4. Start at the narrow end rolling the strip into a flower. Overlap the latex to give the flower form.

5. Add some additional glue (or liquid latex) to the bottom of the rose.

Ask, if you have questions. Make your own flowers and show them. Can't wait to see them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miss Kiddekat

rogueFIVEphoto shot Miss Kiddekat wearing zitronenröllchen latex bra and polka dots skirt

© rogueFIVEphoto

Photo: rogueFIVEphoto
Model: Miss Kiddekat
Latex: zitronenröllchen