Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making Small Latex Bows

This tutorial shows how I make small latex bows from 5mm wide stripes of bubblegum latex (0.35mm):

1. The piece of latex for the bow is 40mm long and 5mm wide. Clean and attach glue to both ends and the center area.

2. Flip one end to the middle with the help of a ruler or grid.

3. Flip the other end to the middle and use some talcum to avoid any unwanted sticking.

4. Take another strip and attach glue. Also attach glue to the center of the bow. Attach the end of the strip as seen on the photo.

5. Wrap the strip around the bow to give the bow the desired form. Cut the strip.

6. This is how the bows should look now

7. Take another two strips of length 30mm each and attach glue to one end (one front, one back)

8. Glue the both stripes together at the desired angle. I prefer ca. 60 degress.

9. Attach glue to the back of the bow and the stripes just glued together.

10. Glue the bow to the stripes and cut away the parts above the bow. Also cut the lower stripes to the desired form and length.

11. The finished bows.

There is also another tutorial on larger bows.

Please let me know, if my instructions work for you. And, let me see some pictures of your bows.

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