Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bubblegum Polka revisited

Here are some close shots of the Bubblegum Polka set
that Erika Tschirhart is wearing on the photos posted here and here.

The pattern used for this set of underwear is a modification (mainly of size) of the Hello Kitty panties and the Ruffle Bra.

I used 0.35mm white latex for the garments and a thinner 0.18mm black latex for the ruffles and the trim. The trim is cut using a wave form rotary cutter.

The polka dots are hand cut from 0.35mm bubblegum latex.

I also made a neckband in the same style saying "Do you still love me?" that never made it onto the pictures of Erika. And yes, all letters are hand cut and glued to the neckband with patience and love ;-)

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