Monday, April 18, 2011

Imperial Pasties

These pasties are made from 0.35mm white and black latex.

The interesting part was the creation of the pattern of the pasties as I had to transform the imperial emblem into the surface of a cylinder (aka pacman).

The imperial emblem is a regular hexagon, so I cut the emblem into 12 pieces and removed 3-4 degrees from each to create the final pattern.

I transfered that pattern to the white latex and cut it with my scissors, glued the white onto the black latex and cut the outline leaving a small overlap for glueing the pasties.

Here is the pattern for the pasties: [SVG] [PDF]

[Copyright note: the imperial emblem is (c) Lucasfilm, Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended. The use of the emblem in this post is only for sake of education and scholarly analysis. I will not sell any items containing copyrighted material from Lucasfilm or others. If Lucasfilm will ask me to remove this post and all images showing the imperial emblem, I will do so immediately.]