Sunday, January 16, 2011

Purple Undies

This set of purple underwear consists of bra, panties and garter belt.

They are made of 0.4mm thick purple latex sheeting and 0.25mm thick and 8mm wide black latex edges.

All edges are cut with a wave form rotary cutter on the inner side to give the garments a discreet look.

For the bra's shoulder straps I used 0.6mm thick and 9mm wide black latex strips and some rings and sliders (on the back) to adjust the length.

The bra's band is bit narrower than that of the previous bra models I posted here and follows the cup's curve on the front.

The panties are made from one front and two back parts.

I still believe it is necessary to have a concave curve along the center back line for a better fitting of the panties at the backside. As this is not required on the front, I chose this 3-part pattern, which is also a bit narrower than my previous panties models in this blog.

The front is glued to the both back parts behind the diagonal trims.

I already wrote about the garter belt with its latex lace front panel some time ago in this article.

As usual, you can find the patterns for all three garments on my pattern page within the next couple of days.

Hope, you like it.

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