Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Vibrations

Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine: "Iconic Bullet" is a small, strong and beautiful toy from my very favorite brand Jimmyjane. Jimmyjane - by the way - also makes those wonderful "Afterglow" massage candles. Don't forget to get one (Pink Lotus if you follow my advice)!

When I first saw "Iconic Bullet" I immediately wanted to get one and make it part of one of my latex creations. So after a while of thinking, some sketching and working on a method to integrate the bullet into some panties, I finally came up with a very simple and clean concept, that even has an interesting visual side effect.

The panties that the bullet should be attached to were made from white latex (0.35mm) with 0.8mm wide red strips (0.35mm) attached at the edges. I used the same pattern as for my "Hello Kitty" model and glued two additional red strips in the form of a lying cross near the sides of the crotch (and under the edges). This leaves some unglued space below the center of the cross, where the bullet can be inserted.

As a side effect the red cross (without the bullet) has a connotation of either "X marks the spot" or some kind of "Do not enter" symbolism, whichever you might prefer more. When creating this model I was looking for a non-permanent solution, so the panties can be worn without the bullet and still have an interesting look.

The bullet is easily attached and looks like it was created just to be there. When worn, the red strips should have enough tension to hold the bullet in place even if vibrating.

But, this is currently untested.
Any volunteers? ;-)

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