Monday, June 21, 2010

Do it yourself

I started doing latex clothes myself about half a year ago. The idea itself was a bit older and lurked within my brain another couple of months.

I learned quite a lot by reading and viewing some inspiring tutorial websites like RubberHans (an older page with some basic instructions, but still a good starter) and Making Latex Clothing (a great tutorial site by Latex Kitty) and finally began my work with one square meter of 0.40mm black latex, a bottle of latex glue (both from LatexFeeling) and a very simple pattern from RubberHans.

After a couple of "experiments" I created the set of woman latex underwear you see on the pictures in this post -- and yes, it was the first of my creations, that was good enough to be shown to a broader audience. So I also decided to start my blog of latex creations with this one.

This underwear is made of 0.35mm Neon Pink latex, which I ordered from Blackstyle, a latex online shop from Berlin. They sell quite a lot of colors and I suggest everyone to order their color set (54 colors).

I added a small (8mm) edge from black latex strips (0.4mm).

As an eye catcher I glued black elastic lace to the bra and the panties. I prepared the lace by painting the part that's normally sewn somewhere with liquid black latex.

The shoulder straps of the bra are cut from 1.2mm black latex strips (10mm wide).

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